Some extracts from my upcoming poetry zine

available very soon from yours truly:


Waking from the ash
stains on
my face from the night we wrote.

I argue We run, we change, we ebb, we
The plants they grow, but not me. In the fire I lie with the monster,
while the other sleeps so I can dream.

The icing on my face cracks with the
sunlight streaming. Cemented into my journal of skin.

I run, it’s not so simple to re-write. Neither odd or even to begin with, so I go. Into
the road, I race.

I tell this story to my grandkids with glee. My only
It becomes apparent they weren’t there


3 Responses to “Words”

  1. subpots said

    f a n t a s t i c !

  2. Florentyna Butler said

    Hiya, Josie and Michaela from Bath Spa advised me to check out your website and get in touch. Sorry, I couldnt find an e mail so I thought I’d post you a comment insted! I’m in my second year at Bath Spa and for my final project I am creating a “catalog” of student work. I wondered if you would mind me using some of yours? Perhaps you could get in touch if your interested.

    Florentyna Butler

    where do you get your cameras from? I really love your photos!

    • manicpixieanalogue said

      I just emailed your bathspa account! Thought I’d let you know in case it made its way into the junk folder somehow. : )

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