Last week I hosted a spoken word open mic and book launch in collaboration with my poetry students at AD.DAR Culture Center. The evening saw poets from all over the world read poetry in Arabic, Farsi, English, Turkish and so on, even though I was hosting it was so beautiful to see so many people come together and celebrate the written and spoken word and power of speech. Especially when so many of us are coming from broken homelands and countries where ours and so many others’ voices have been silenced.

We released a chapbook of some poems with help from our buddies at Spoken Word Istanbul also.

mother tongues

Here’s one of the poems.

At times I wonder the change I’ve been through

Though at times I wonder what things didn’t change too

And so on I lived

Unaware of my hidden flaws,

Unviewed by, but yet viewed by I,

So this trip goes on,


Like a train going endlessly.

 Nawrus Almatar


Some from Barcelona…

February 13, 2014

Having just returned from a trip home to bcn I thought I’d upload a couple of long overdue snaps from the summer. Developing is cheap and good here in Istanbul, but I still have lots more to develop.

Also I’m back from my travels to beautiful Beirut so hold tight

Picture 037 BCN BCN 002 BCN 004 BCN 007 BCN 008 BCN 010 Picture 019 Picture 022 Picture 033


‘Know Your Camera – the SLR user manual’ is now out. A 12 page, hand drawn booklet, showing the ins and outs of using an SLR camera and tips on all mechanical aspects of film photography.

Free to read online and £2.00 for a printed copy.

Please email me for more details.

Day 320

February 19, 2012

So the last week I’ve been performing LOTS (hopefully some video footage coming soon of my palace of poets gig), executing photoshoots and getting my Darkroom zine published by the lovely pushpin zines.

You can buy one here if you want to….


today’s photo goes out to my good friends G & T who became engaged recently (and I couldn’t be happier to be asked to be the wedding photographer!)


How to cut and paste

September 23, 2011

The Poor Mans Guide to the Darkroom

Click on the cover for a full PDF guide to setting up your own darkroom on the cheap.

Even the guide won’t break the bank (it’s free)!

Made by me with love and care.

I’m in the latest issue of

Tristesse Engraved Zine

This issue specializes in expired film photography and I’m one of the featured photographers

Check it out here

and here is todays photo

Enjoy 🙂


Blackbird Montage

Blackbird Fly