i s t a n b u l

April 15, 2014

this is where i live now


Some from Barcelona…

February 13, 2014

Having just returned from a trip home to bcn I thought I’d upload a couple of long overdue snaps from the summer. Developing is cheap and good here in Istanbul, but I still have lots more to develop.

Also I’m back from my travels to beautiful Beirut so hold tight

Picture 037 BCN BCN 002 BCN 004 BCN 007 BCN 008 BCN 010 Picture 019 Picture 022 Picture 033

Hampi Pinhole

May 16, 2013

Pinhole photo taken in Hampi, India with matchbox camera

There’s a Camera Obscura where this was taken at

Virupaksha Temple

I got so excited and showed the locals my pinhole camera, they said the one in the temple was better because it was very very old and I had to agree.


Day 248

August 15, 2012

It’s been a month offline but a month of doing lots of things like performing at festivals and having a good time in the sun!

I want some advice, I’m looking to buy a range finder camera.

I obviously WANT a Lecia M6 because they are the most beautiful cameras ever made and I do believe that one day I will have worked hard and long enough to buy one.

But for now I need a poor mans version. I was thinking the Yashica Electro 35/Yashica Lynx 14/ Canon RC

Any ideas which is best?

Comments of advice greatly appreciated!

In the meantime here’s a photo.




Day 247

July 10, 2012


Olympus Trip 35


Day 245

June 27, 2012

I love Paris now, I used to not so much.

I wrote about it last week,

“If you were here, I wouldn’t have to pay for these souvenirs.”


Day 244

June 21, 2012

Happy midsummer!

Here’s one I took at the weekend

It’s in PARIS!

Day 243

June 13, 2012

For all the hero’s out there!

Day 238

April 2, 2012

Text at the bottom today

This is new from my first successful 70mm set or double 35mm if you prefer.



Day 327

March 22, 2012

I’ve been for a dirty weekend in London,

and by dirty I mean smokey.

I’ve got a bit of a crush on that place.

I went to a banquet, re-visited the scene of the crime, and completed my first London gig at Depresstival Presents which was all kinds of fun….and then there was that sunset.

Camera wise I’m GOING TO finish my book if it kills me before the month is up….

and I’m thinking of buying one of these….

and now for today’s photograph.

welcome to spring!

Diana +