i s t a n b u l

April 15, 2014

this is where i live now


Some from Barcelona…

February 13, 2014

Having just returned from a trip home to bcn I thought I’d upload a couple of long overdue snaps from the summer. Developing is cheap and good here in Istanbul, but I still have lots more to develop.

Also I’m back from my travels to beautiful Beirut so hold tight

Picture 037 BCN BCN 002 BCN 004 BCN 007 BCN 008 BCN 010 Picture 019 Picture 022 Picture 033


I’ve been gone a while eh? I spent a little time getting a little lost.

A lots been going on since we last spoke, I’d been rolling and without a bed for almost a year and spending much time dancing on grass and under stars and over sand and among skyscrappers and bunkers and hearing sweet things. 

In short I moved to Barcelona, stayed there a while, loved it. Really really loved it. Maybe it’s even my spiritual home. Then I itched my way back to England to perform at/get happy at festivials just for the romance at end of the summer when BCN got really hot in a bad way and England got really hot in a good way. Then I moved to Istanbul……

that would bring me to now.

I’ve lived here for 2 months now, feels like less, feels like time moves slow around here and also very fast and I have not seen a thing and it is huge and my cameras are filling up with photos and there is never a second to get them developed. Not a second.

In list form it went something like this



. Paris

. Bristol

. Barcelona

. Glastonbury

. Barcelona

. Secret Garden Party


. Shambala


The photos should come in a similar order here’s a one from bcn.


Hampi Pinhole

May 16, 2013

Pinhole photo taken in Hampi, India with matchbox camera

There’s a Camera Obscura where this was taken at

Virupaksha Temple

I got so excited and showed the locals my pinhole camera, they said the one in the temple was better because it was very very old and I had to agree.




I spent last night locked in a cupboard with my negatives from India and Nepal and some chemical soup.


Here’s a few of the kids, they are making my gasp a little at the memories, and the beauty of the east. they’re all scanned in backwards.


India is pure magic. 








Day 245

June 27, 2012

I love Paris now, I used to not so much.

I wrote about it last week,

“If you were here, I wouldn’t have to pay for these souvenirs.”


Day 240

April 23, 2012

Sally J.

The latest in my poet project.

Day 321

February 20, 2012

i. miss. the. way

Canon EOS

Ilford HP5+

Day 310

January 6, 2012

I got to 10 000 views!!

Thanks for looking everyone…I read the other day in my old diary from 2009 that I was thinking of starting a blog for my photos.

-I’m so glad I did.-

Here’s one from yesterday in Weston-Super-Mare.


Ilford Delta 100

(developed at home)

Day 303

December 1, 2011

I M – S O R R Y

I’ve moved house (city in fact), meaning my internet situation is less than desirable.

But I have been taking photos….lots of them!

For those of you in Bristol this weekend me and s u b p o t s will be gracing the fantastic HARBOURSIDE MARKET with our presence and some Christmas PRESENTS for you to buy hehehehe.

Here’s one from the new city

Until next time