Kodak Memento is a little event created to spread the love of art/music/poetry.

Designed to allow people to enjoy artwork and music from up and coming talent in an environment far away from traditional art galleries or expensive gig nights, Kodak Memento focuses on fun and analogue technique, exhibiting art from a variety of media and showcasing the latest in lo-fi music.

The opening event in May 2011 featured artwork from Lilly Allen, Liz Greenfield, Lydia Beardmore and Subpots accompanied by live music from Marc Nicolas and Joe Coleman and DJs Joe Wright, Labcoat and Mac and m y n a m e i s h a r r y. It also included a matchbox pinhole workshop and magnet board poetry contests.

To celebrate the first birthday of Kodak Memento, three new photography zines were released at CSAQ night of the year May 2012 which included a free light painting workshop. The zines are now available online and include:

A poor mans guide to the darkroom

The Analogue Cookbook

Know your camera – SLR user guide

September 2012 saw Kodak Mementos ‘green themed’ photography day.

“Coffee, Wine, Vitamins and Sunshine”

In this day long workshop students learned to use organic matter to develop and produce photographs. Techniques included Anthotypes, Beer can Pinholes, Caffenol + Wineol processing and Solargraphy.

For more information please visit www.kodakmemento.tumblr.com


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