Hi. Welcome to my photoblog.

I’m Lydia, I’m an Istanbul based photographer/writer

(this is what I look like)

I like to take photos and make cameras out of dark and hollow things (although I’m always up for a challenge)! I also develop my own photos, manipulate my films and write zines on how to do these sorts of things.

All of the photos on this site were taken by myself I’d say 90% were developed by me too.

My photos are sometimes  published in magazines like trisickle/ triesste engraved/we are disposable, used by bands Marc Nicolas, Missile Skies and Our Minor Fall and brands such as Entirety skate and Pinup Girls piercing studio.

I teach pinhole camera, creative photgraphy and zine making workshops on request and am available for band and product photography. My tutorials have been featured on photojojo and my zine on darkroom technique is now available on pushpin zines.

I moonlight as a spoken word artist and have performed all over, favourites include, Glastonbury festival, Larmer Tree, Secret Garden Party and Bang said the Gun.

In 2012 -2013 I ran a monthly poetry night called ‘Siren Says’ with Bristol’s Poetry Can and became the new host of Hammer and Tongue, Bristol.

You can find me performing poetry at various venues across the planet including spoken word nights, festivals and bus shelters late at night

 More of that on my words page though.



6 Responses to “About”

  1. Rachel said

    Hey, it’s canadian Rachel, and I think that all of these pictures are so cool and beautiful! 🙂 I just like to stare at them and be like “woooah” 🙂 lol have a nice day!

  2. Juxt said

    Wow your photos are great! I’m currently moving away from Photoshop and digital and buying my first Superheadz UWS….have you got any tips? And when you get your film developed, do you also get them scanned or do you scan them yourself?

    Love your work!

  3. manicpixieanalogue said

    thank you very much, I had a peek at your blog too, I love it!
    The UWS is fast becoming my favourite toy, my best tip would be to expirement with film and things like double exposures as you can get some really good effects. I especially reccomend cross processing and redscale.
    As for scanning I usually get it done at the lab but sometimes I scan the prints at home ( I am however saving up for a negative scanner so I can do sprocket holes)
    Hope this helps! Its an addictive camera 🙂

  4. Hi Lydia! It’s Smita, we met on the plane from Kerala to Mumbai. I just found your details, it’s taken this long to unpack properly! Hope you are well, and I am loving the blog. Take care Xx

    • manicpixieanalogue said

      Thank you so much! I was thinking about you and your mum earlier today actually, wondering if you got to Gujurat alright and enjoyed all those weddings! Hope you did anyway and enjoy being home! xx

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