Poems written from the sky (unedited)

December 31, 2014

Facts written from an airplane

. True enlightenment is, against all nurture and passed on tradition of worry, to find zen in utter chaos, to know the end of the game is always the same.

. Jews refer to moving to Israel as ascending, my airplane ascended in 20 seconds, I know this because I counted.

. Diversity is always something people will talk about in the absence of interest or conversation.

. Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world.

. Gaziantep is one of the oldest cities in the world, to visit today you will find huge blocks of empty restaurants and wide flat roads, paved well enough to skateboard.

. The rules of the mile high club have changed drastically over the years, as have regulations, while as passengers we face higher restrictions, short people are now allowed to be stewards and in-flight magazines are published quarterly.

. Turkey could be a beautiful country.

.We are all breathing each other’s air,  doesn’t mean we share more than we think in these hours.

. The Icelandic people have no word for airplane, they refer to it as ‘metal bird’.

. Talin is a city I would like to visit for roof walking.

Facts written about Istanbul (from an airplane)

.  The mannequins on Dolapdere have more intensity than any person I have seen in Chiangir beside tired waiters.

.  The city seen at night through the window of a taxi you didn’t pay for when it’s cold outside looks almost magical and European, with beautiful streets. I’m sure outside, in some moments, it has felt that way too.

. American women move to Istanbul for the culture and stay for the sex.

. 1 in 5 women who stay for the sex will deny this and say they don’t know why they stayed,      this is the reason.

. Despite moving a million miles a second, the rate of change is non existant.

. Ataturk believed Turks to come from the lost continent of Mu.

. Istanbul has more rainfall than London, Dublin and Brussels with none of the reputation.


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