It’s been six months and still no word….

November 4, 2013


I’ve been gone a while eh? I spent a little time getting a little lost.

A lots been going on since we last spoke, I’d been rolling and without a bed for almost a year and spending much time dancing on grass and under stars and over sand and among skyscrappers and bunkers and hearing sweet things. 

In short I moved to Barcelona, stayed there a while, loved it. Really really loved it. Maybe it’s even my spiritual home. Then I itched my way back to England to perform at/get happy at festivials just for the romance at end of the summer when BCN got really hot in a bad way and England got really hot in a good way. Then I moved to Istanbul……

that would bring me to now.

I’ve lived here for 2 months now, feels like less, feels like time moves slow around here and also very fast and I have not seen a thing and it is huge and my cameras are filling up with photos and there is never a second to get them developed. Not a second.

In list form it went something like this



. Paris

. Bristol

. Barcelona

. Glastonbury

. Barcelona

. Secret Garden Party


. Shambala


The photos should come in a similar order here’s a one from bcn.



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