March 11, 2013

This is a poem I wrote recently about the ten day silent meditation retreat I went to in India, my watch used to beep every half hour, during the days we would have to have our eyes closed for hours at a time and I could try to record how far through we were by listening for the beeps. After the retreat ended many people came up to me and thanked me for keeping the time.

The poem along with an interview with yours truely is being used in a feature about spoken word and I was lucky enough to receive an illustration to accompany my words. Isn’t it lovely?



Keep those watches beeping for everyone, so we know what time it is.
We are on the path to enlightenment
Some of us wear wedding rings
You must work diligently, and you are bound to be successful, bound to be successful
Some of us put salt in our tea
Some of us watch the clock even though we wear a watch
Some of us hold out soap, some of us look like we are Russian.
We are addicted to our misery.
Some of us are too horny.
We must train our minds
Some of us recite friends episodes in our heads
You are bound to be successful
Some of us want cigarettes
Some of us want coffee and food we can bite
Some of us escape to climb trees and look at the men
Some of us start rumours about snakes
Accept the law of impermanence
Concentrate your mind, remain equanimous
Remain objective.
Some of us cant sleep.
Remain objective to all sensations.
Some of us feel chanting like a drill
You are bound to be successful
Work to untie the knots
Some of us want our cravings back
Some of us want nothing more than to look the Indian girl in the eye and say it’s okay, that you get up a lot, my legs are killing me but it’s a good pain.
May all beings be happy
May all beings accept the law of impermanence
May all beings observe their respiration
And work diligently on our journey.
Some of us cry when its over
Take off our wedding rings and say it didn’t help.
Some of us talk like old friends in the breakfast hall about how we want to be loved.
Some of us take photos of our prison
Group shots of people we don’t know
Some of us complain that the European girls hug too much, that we’re not allowed to touch.
Some of us count shadows at night time.
Work diligently, you are bound to be successful.
May all beings be happy.
I put salt in my tea and say I missed the sun.
Some of us keep out watches beeping for everyone

So they know what time it is.


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