Day 248

August 15, 2012

It’s been a month offline but a month of doing lots of things like performing at festivals and having a good time in the sun!

I want some advice, I’m looking to buy a range finder camera.

I obviously WANT a Lecia M6 because they are the most beautiful cameras ever made and I do believe that one day I will have worked hard and long enough to buy one.

But for now I need a poor mans version. I was thinking the Yashica Electro 35/Yashica Lynx 14/ Canon RC

Any ideas which is best?

Comments of advice greatly appreciated!

In the meantime here’s a photo.





2 Responses to “Day 248”

  1. Adam S said

    Personally I’d recommend against those 3 cameras as all require batteries and have non-interchangeable lenses. Get a Russian Leica copy, say a Fed 2, then you have more option of lenses if you choose to get more and they are fully mechanical and manual. And if/when you get a Leica M mount camera, the lenses are easily adapt to fit it, so when you’ve bankrupt yourself buying a Leica body and can’t afford Leica lenses you’ll have a lens to put on the camera!

    • manicpixieanalogue said

      thanks 🙂 that’s really helpful. I was a little worried about those cameras needing batteries as I’m planning on taking said camera on a trip so wanted to avoid any ‘technical difficulties’ at all costs!

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